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"Creativity is at the heart of business innovation, and innovation is the engine of growth." - McKinsey & Company









Bring The
UN-Keynote Experience
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"Simply put, Jeff Rogers is a ROCK STAR!"

Senior Director,

North America Field Marketing

Red Hat















For the last 25 years, Second City and Players Workshop Alum, Jeff Rogers has shared his insights on finding PLAY in everything.


From award-winning Creative Director to Screenwriter, TV Executive Producer and from founding The Factory Theater in Chicago to appearing in dozens of television commercials for the world’s biggest brands or the host of TV’s "Homemade Game Show" Jeff has used the PLAYMaker Mindset to create unique solutions and performances.


Now, Jeff shares the four rules for reaching a new level of innovative clarity using a simple mindset found in the power of PLAY.


"I could listen to Jeff Rogers all day long!"

Red Hat, National Sales Meeting Attendee

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Coming Soon!

The PLAYMaker Mindset


Jerry Newcombe is like a lot of people: in an effort to “have it all” he’s left struggling to maintain what he’s got at work and at home… however, none of it truly engages him. He’s tired, unfulfilled and more than a little worried that he will never reach his full potential. An intriguing question from an unusual source forces Jerry into journey of discovery. Learning the PLAYMaker Mindset's Four Rules from a business titan, a software guru, an advertising creative and an improvisational teacher show Jerry a way of thinking that can be applied in work and life to unleash an innovation powerhouse lurking in his most important resource: your team!


The PLAYMaker Mindset is a business fable about a long forgotten tool that can lead to instant innovation, a stronger culture, and a happier life. 

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