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PLAYMaker Workshop


Why is an innovative culture the single biggest factor in a competitive marketplace? Because AirBNB, Uber, and Netflix have shown us that disruption can come from anywhere. Organizations best equipped to face today’s world are those that are able to embrace uncertainty and find creative solutions. This is what keeps businesses ahead in the marketplace. You need to empower your team to generate and execute bold ideas. But how? Let me teach them how to be PLAYMakers and unleash the innovation powerhouse lurking in your most important resource: your team!


Playmakers are in a constant state of calm readiness. Ready to tap into their experiences and knowledge on diverse topics in a moment’s notice while connecting disparate thoughts to create breakthrough solutions. Improvisation is the perfect tool to practice innovative thinking.


For the last 25 years Jeff Rogers has been sharing his PLAYMaker techniques through improvisational exercises developed to enhance listening skills & communication, foster collaboration, and promote a sense of good, old-fashioned enthusiasm, we provide a unique program that is suited to any group, meeting, or function that wants to combine learning with creativity.  


These exercises have been utilized by companies ranging from GM, who used these exercises for seven years as a part of their employee orientation to Major League Baseball who used these exercises for their incoming rookies to teach them how to be great athletes off the field as well as on. All of our clients who have instituted these ideas and exercises have found great success.


Now, Jeff shares the Four Rules to reach this level of innovative clarity using a simple mindset found in The Power of PLAY.


✓Instantaneous innovation and idea generation

✓Actionable steps to test ideas with little to no cost

✓Encourage non-linear problem solving for flexibility and agility

✓Create a culture of collaboration

✓Release The Kraken…of Energy!

✓Approach high stakes challenges with a creative mindset that eliminates stress  


Your group will learn to use the most powerful tool at their disposal through a series of fun, interactive exercises that will give everyone a new way of approaching work, each other, and life itself.

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