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Begin date: April 12th 
End date: June 28th
When: 1-hour class on Fridays 1 PM CST (with weekly office hours)
Cost: $300 –
expect to 10x-100x your investment. (This is not guaranteed as I can’t guarantee you will do the work. But if you do the work, you should 10X-100X your investment in this class.)
Description: Unlock the Power of Improvisation in Sales: A Transformative 12-Week Class with Jeff Rogers

Harness the Unexpected. Revolutionize Your Sales.

In a world where the same old sales techniques no longer cut it, the art of improvisation emerges as the secret weapon for dynamic, effective selling. Whether you're struggling to connect with new clients, finding it hard to close deals, or simply looking to inject some creativity into your
sales process, this class is designed for you.


Why This Class?

You're talented, driven, and you know you have something valuable to offer. But, somehow, the world of sales has left you feeling stuck. You've tried traditional sales methods, read the books, attended the seminars, and yet, the results are not what you hoped for. The missing piece? The power of improvisation.

Enter Jeff Rogers – a renowned author, improviser, actor, and speaker. With decades of experience blending the art of improv with real-world business strategies, Jeff has crafted a curriculum that promises not just to teach, but to transform.

What You've Been Missing:

  • A Personal Touch: Learn how to use your unique personality and talents to connect with clients.

  • Flexibility: Discover how to navigate sales conversations with the adaptability of an improviser.

  • Authentic Engagement: Move beyond scripts and tactics to create genuine connections.

  • Creative Problem-Solving: Use improvisation to overcome objections and close deals with creativity.

Course Overview:

  • Duration: 12 weeks, meeting once a week for comprehensive sessions.

  • Methodology: A blend of improv exercises, sales techniques, and real-life application

  • Interactive Elements: Engage in hot seat role-plays, receive personalized feedback, and participate in weekly sales challenges.

  • Expert Insight: Learn directly from Jeff Rogers, leveraging his proven approach to sales and improvisation.

What's Inside:

  • Week 1-12: From identifying your niche to expanding sales within existing accounts, each week unveils new strategies and exercises designed to elevate your sales game.

  • Guest Speakers: Gain insights from successful sales professionals and improvisers.

  • Community: Join a network of like-minded individuals, all on the journey to revolutionize their sales approach.

This isn't just another sales course. It's a journey to discovering how your unique skills as an improviser can unlock doors in the sales world you never thought possible. With Jeff Rogers as your guide, you'll learn not just to sell, but to connect, adapt, and thrive in any sales situation.



This 12-week class is structured to guide participants from identifying their unique value proposition to expanding their footprint within existing customer organizations.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Improv in Sales

  • Week 2: Identifying Your Niche

  • Week 3: Targeting Potential Customers

  • Week 4: Connecting with Customers

  • Week 5: Pitching Your Product/Service

  • Week 6: Creating a Proposal

  • Week 7: Writing a Contract

  • Week 8: Performing Follow-Up

  • Week 9: Handling Objections and Closing

  • Week 10: Delivering and Assessing Performance

  • Week 11: Expanding Sales Within Existing Accounts

  • Week 12: Building a Sustainable Sales Pipeline

Are You Ready to Transform Your Sales Approach?


Join us for this one-of-a-kind 12-week class and turn the unpredictable world of sales into your playground. Spots are limited – secure yours today and step into the role of a salesperson redefined by the art of improvisation. Embark on this transformative journey and discover the sales success you've been dreaming of. With Jeff Rogers leading the way, your sales narrative is about to change for the better. Enroll now and let the power of improvisation redefine your sales story.

Need more information?? 

Join me for a Zoom information session on Friday, April 5th at 1 pm CST.

Save your spot now!

Thanks for joining!

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